We will present up to date info-Videos-interviews-editorials, to rebuke all

the DISINFORMATION, & blocking/censoring of ‘things going on against Humanity’ by Globalism-The ‘UN’-‘World Economic Forum’-Cultural Marxism-‘Elitism’-The Medical-Big Pharma Dictatorship’-CDC-NIH-WHO (World Health Organization)-The ‘Main Stream Media’ & Complicit Social Media and Search Engine Giants-along with the Global Political Complicity-IN LOCKSTEP with all the Tyranny, taking away our Human Sovereignty, Freedoms, Choices, & shutting away the Boundless-in each of us-in an attempt to confine us all in a ‘Digital Imprisonment’ of Materialism/false Science which would remove our Spiritual-Natural Natures.

Join us here-get the uncensored-hidden agendas being used for ‘Power & Control’ over all of us. The enemies of Humanity-are War Criminals, so make no mistake ‘We Are At War’. We are then, not just the alternative views-but the Freedom soldiers with VENDETTA-to resist and overthrow Totalitarianism and Ignorance-of ‘What’s really happening-Together ‘We Are A Force’. Welcome aboard.